Business Resources For The Modern Day Merchant (An Overview)

Order of Merchants LLC

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This 6 page Overview serves as a brief introduction to an Order of Merchants interactive platform that assists people in developing what we call the 3 Merchant Virtues. These virtues are powers that better enable us to achieve personal and entrepreneurial goals. They are:

  • Self Governance - The power to govern the self in a noble manner to enable efficient and effective creativity.
  • Legal Awareness - The power to comprehend and navigate the legal framework of civil society.
  • Financial Sustainability - The power to build, manage, and conserve wealth.

When harnessing these virtues an individual optimizes their ability to take their ideas and transform them into reality, whether it be through business or their personal affairs.

We hope you enjoy this Overview and stay in tune with Order of Merchants so you can witness the launch of this platform, which is planned to be both app and web based, in the future.  

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