Order of Merchants Membership - 1 Year

Order of Merchants Membership - 1 Year

Order of Merchants LLC

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Order of Merchants is designing an interactive social platform that assists people in developing what we call the 3 Merchant Virtues.

These virtues are powers that better enable us to achieve personal and entrepreneurial goals. They are:

  • Self Governance - The power to govern the self in a noble manner.
  • Legal Awareness - The power to grasp legal frameworks of civil society.
  • Financial Sustainability - The power to build, manage, and conserve wealth.

We are currently in the research and development stage of designing this platform, however you are still able to become a member and receive the following benefits:

  • Watch empowering webinars and workshops that are featured monthly.
  • Download of the eBook, "Business Resources for the Modern Day Merchant," for free.
  • Access restricted content focused on the development of the 3 Merchant Virtues.
  • Receive $25 off all Personal and Business Consulting Services.
  • Help Order of Merchants fund the creation of this platform.
  • Receive inside information on the development of this platform.